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Thanksgiving 2009 at Guy and Shanna Howell's house

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Rankin Family

Kuehn Family

Guy Howell Family

Jim Howell Family


Various Family

From the photographer:

Note the number at the bottom left or top left of the photo(s) you like. Give me that number and the name of the family grouping (e.g., "Ramon and Faye Rankin page" or "Cousins page"; use the title at top right of page), along with the sizes and quantities of prints you want.

These are "raw" proofs. I can correct the color and exposure (darkness/lightness) of the photos. Some shots may appear blue-ish, but I can correct that (see example below). Just choose the photo(s) in which you like the facial expressions and composition the best, and I will further compose and crop and color-correct for the final print(s). Also see some samples here.

I'll give each family one 5x7 or 8x10 of your choice from each of the six pages listed at left.

Prices of photo orders other than that are as follows. All prices include postage to send them to you. These prices are considerably lower than those I will offer to future portrait customers, so please don't advertise for me at these prices :--)). Chalk it up to "practicing on family." I enjoyed the day with all of you, by the way.

The prices below are for prints from individual originals. For example, 
one 4x6 from each of three different originals is a total of $6.00, but
three 4x6s from one original is $2.25.

--- 3x5 or 4x6 ---
1 print - $2
2 prints - $3
3 or more prints - 75¢ each
 --- 5x7 ---
1 print - $4
2 prints - $7
3-10 prints - $3 each
11 or more prints - $2.25 each

--- 8x10 ---
1 print - $6
2 prints - $10
3 or more prints - $4.50 each 
11 or more - $3.25 each

I can make prints in the following sizes, as well. 
Inquire if you're interested.
11x14  --  16x20  --  20x24
At right is the raw proof of a photo.

And this is the same photo cropped and color corrected.

And even this will look better as a print than on the screen, because most computer screens just don't have the resolution possible in a print.




Here's an example of a greeting card, Christmas card graphic, postcard, whatever.

I can find or build a frame of just about any design you can think of.




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